TKA Firestopping became an accredited installer FIRAS in September 2014.

FIRAS is a UKAS Accredited third party certification scheme designed for the certification of competent installers involved in the fire protection industry.

The scheme (now in its 21st  year of operation) was initially developed for the certification of fire resistant glazing systems installers at the request of the Glass and Glazing Federation, but has since expanded to cover the following passive fire protection disciplines;

  • Structural Steel Protection
  • Penetration Sealing (fire stopping)
  • Cavity Barriers
  • Fire Doors, (timber / steel and rolling shutter)
  • Fire Rated Ducting systems (including Dampers)

More recently in 2004 the FIRAS scheme was expanded into the Fire Sprinkler market with schemes for the certification of Residential and Domestic Systems installers, followed by the Commercial and Industrial Sprinkler installer scheme.

FIRAS is operated by Warrington Certification Limited with input and support from trade associations related to the scheme disciplines and continues to be a scheme developed with industry for the benefit of the industry’s clients by providing assurance that by employing a FIRAS certificated installer a client can expect the work to be undertaken by a competent company with the right technical and practical abilities using proven / tested products (designs) to deliver fire safety to comply with industry standards and Building Regulations.

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